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Dill and Spinach Dip

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Gluten-Free Dill and Spinach Dip: This is a versatile recipe that can be used as a Dill dip or a Spinach dip.

Spinach dip is great with our gluten-free pumpernickel bread recipe. If you simply omit the Spinach from this dip, you'll have a tasty Dill dip. Either dip goes will with the pumpernickel, and the dill dip makes a nice dip for vegetables on a party tray. This dip uses dried spices, which makes the recipe easy to throw together at a moments notice!

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Gluten-Free Dill and Spinach Dip
1½ Cups Sour Cream*
⅓ Cup Mayonnaise
2-3 Teaspoons minced onion
1 Teaspoon Dried Chives
2 Teaspoons Dried Dill Weed
1 Teaspoon Dried Parsley
2 Teaspoons Garlic Powder
10  Ounce package frozen chopped spinach (optional)

Note: we use Daisy brand Sour Cream


If making the Spinach dip variation, thaw and drain the frozen spinach (squeeze as much water as possible from spinach).

In medium sized bowl combine all ingredients; mix.

Serving Suggestion as pictured: the Dill dip variation served with our Gluten-Free Pumpernickel Bread.

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