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Although any recipes we provide should be Celiac-safe and completely gluten-free, we have no control over where you get your ingredients, and which sources/brands of individual ingredients are used in your baking. Thus we cannot guarantee that the end product you create will be gluten-free. If you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you should already be following the diet your physician has prescribed and be exercising caution and care by selecting certified gluten-free foods and ingredients. Many large commercial product brands now indicate gluten-free status on their websites.

All persons should seek proper medical advice before introducing any ingredients into their diet that they may be allergic to. Do not bake for others without them knowing what ingredients are in the products you feed them.

You should avoid recipes that contain raw or lightly cooked eggs if you are pregnant or in a vulnerable health group. Very young children should not be fed products containing peanuts and honey. Consult a medical professional prior to consumption if you have any concerns.

We do not accept any responsibility for anything resulting from our recipes, the products produced by following our recipes, or the preparation thereof (aside from great taste)! Always exercise caution when baking, especially with power equipment and stoves. Even when recipes call for adding ingredients with mixer running, do so only if you are properly trained in such processes. Handle hot pans, sharp equipment, and the like with care, taking proper precautions to avoid burns and cuts. Allow baked goods to cool to a safe temperature before consuming or handling so as not to inflict burns.

We provide no warranty, express or implied with regards to the suitability of the recipes in regards to your diet and health. Our limit of liability shall not exceed the purchase price of our book in any case.