Gluten-Free Recipe Books
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In addition to being gluten-free, are your recipes...

Soy-Free: YES. We do not use any soy products in our recipes.

Dairy-Free: NO. Many of these dessert recipes use the same types of ingredients regular desserts use (like butter, cream-cheese, cream, milk). We have successfully altered various recipes to be dairy-free and have posted some variations on this website, but we suggest you create your own variations using your preferred dairy-free alternative ingredients.

Sugar-Free: NO. These are dessert recipes. They are sweetened like all mainstream desserts: using sugar, brown-sugar, molasses, and so forth. If you are on a sugar-free diet, they can be adapted just like any other recipes. See next comment about "Reduced Calorie" also.

Reduced-Calorie: NO. These are dessert recipes like all mainstream desserts. You can alter the recipes to reduce fat and sugar content; we have posted some healthier diet gluten-free recipe variations here, and we have discussed methods to improve healthfulness of recipes on our Gluten-Free Blog too.

How do your books compare to others?

Our books (PRINT and KINDLE versions) employed full color photography throughout (of each and every recipe). We were the first GF cookbook on the market to do this and we set a new standard for such books by featuring gluten-free recipes with a full-color actual-finished-product photo of each and every completed recipe. Many other gluten free recipe books were/are black and white or had no more than a color cover, and perhaps a few color insert pages.

These extraordinary GF recipe books help you live an enjoyable gluten free lifestyle and diet. A few batches of cookies, or a cake or two, and the book will have paid for itself!